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Ahh, long weekend :) J took yesterday afternoon off & will have all of Tuesday off too (as he needed to use up a day & a half of leave by the end of March). And to start our holiday we went to Tescos :/ Needed doing, and we wouldn't be eating nearly as many nice things over the next few days if we hadn't gone ... but damn, it was hell on earth. I'd been down about a half of one aisle before I spotted the first candidates for shopping-rage-induced euthanasia ;) We did eventually escape with lots of groceries & before I actually gave in to my murderous impulses - and realised we'd timed it wrong and were driving home during the school run. But, having done that, that's it for cranky things for the weekend!

I've not really done very much of note over the last few days - mostly games, reading stuff online, more games. Oh, and boring things like housework etc.

All the certificates eventually arrived that I'd ordered, so I've stuff to be getting on with in that respect this weekend. I shall probably draw a few more of the family trees first, then input the new data & look for more census returns etc. Thankfully everyone seems to be related to who I thought they were related to ;) There's only one marriage thrown into doubt by a death certificate - but it was a sibling of the main line & I wasn't terribly sure in the first place.
Tags: family, genealogy, holiday, shopping
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