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Beer ftw! ;)

J doesn't have karate today, unusually, so we decided yesterday evening was the perfect time for a small pub crawl followed by takeaway for dinner. A very small pub crawl, consisting of two pubs - but quality is better than quantity ;)

First we walked up to The Fat Cat, which we rarely go to these days - it's a 15 minute walk, rather than the 5 to The Dove & it's uphill too! Still a good pub, though :) The theme of the evening turned out to be dark beers (except one of J's), and we started with Adnams' Old Ale for J and Fat Cat Stout for me, and found a small table in the corner to sit & talk about computer games and house improvements (as we almost always do, when at the pub). We decided just to have the one there to make it more likely to get a seat in The Dove (my current "everyday" shoes have rather foolishly high heels, they're cute shoes tho ;) ). So, back down the hill to The Dove, still discussing home improvements and how boring boilers are (ours was replaced last week, the novelty of a working heating & hot water system has worn off already just in time for the invoice to arrive). I continued the dark theme with Wolf's Grandma's Rich Porter, which was actually perhaps a trifle on the fruity side for me, but still a pleasant pint. J went for the Mauldons' Suffolk Pride, departing from theme - a lighter coloured beer & crisper & more refreshing. For the third (and last) pint each we went for familiar(ish) - J had some more of the Old Ale (I guess Adnams had done a push on that to the local real ale pubs), and I went for Mighty Oak's Oscar Wilde Mild, which is almost always on at The Dove and is one of my favourites. We'd got seats at the space invaders table, and decided it was about time we gave it a go, which lead the conversation on to nostalgia about old computers & games ;)

Next we headed into town in search of chinese takeaway - but the place we'd thought of don't do takeaway any more (just sit down meals), so not being in the mood for a proper dinner out or for faffing about looking for another chinese we went back along the road to one of the Indian takeaways up from The Dove. We got our food from a place with the slightly unlikely name of Kishmish, choosing chef's specials to get something different & random(ish), and went back home for food & more beer (a can of McEwans Export, this time). And to finish, a couple of small(ish) glasses of whisky - our current bottle is a 12 year single malt from the Blair Athol distillery which we visited (in Pitlochry) when we were there this time last year for Pete & Amanda's wedding.

J finished off the evening watching some Battlestar Galactica and listening to the new Marillion album loud & with the lights off, and I finished the evening playing some q4 (badly ;) ) and being talkative (& startlingly argumentative for me) on irc.

A good day :D
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