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Snow & Zombies (Breakfast of Champions?)

It actually snowed at the weekend - just a few flakes on Saturday but unusually for here it even settled a bit yesterday morning. Until the sun came out briefly in the afternoon & it all went away, anyway. I'd managed to organise the weekend rather well & didn't have to leave the house for anything on Sunday (unlike usual when I need to get a few bits from the shops), so I was quite pleased with that :) Of course we should've been going out to a diy shop to get putty to do another temporary fix on the shower curtain, but yeah, didn't happen. Must happen during the week - it's fine having baths if it's just us, but if we've guests it'd be nice if they could actually use the shower ...

Having got a day of laziness, I spent a largish chunk of it shooting zombies :D Bought Left 4 Dead last week - it came out on Friday. It's basically an fps zombie survival game - fight your way through an area infested by zombies & try & get rescued before you get killed. Fun in single player (which I've mostly played so far), but even more fun multiplayer - the main mode is 4 player co-op, which I played some of Friday night. On (I think) the hardest difficulty level - we sucked, but it was a lot of fun. Probably not a game for the squeamish tho, lots of blood & gore & blowing the heads off zombies.
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