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Specced out (for the second time) son-of-custard last night & actually bought the bits this time. Why do such things always turn into more of an ordeal than they need to be?? This time I forgot my password for scan so needed to jump through that hoop - at least I had the securecode stuff working in advance as that's always a fun way to fail out ;)

We've been talking about replacing our file server for a while now - need more disk space. Not only are we straining at the seams of the current half Tb, but J wants us to re-rip our CDs in flac & we calculated that'd take ~750Gb, so that needs perhaps a little more room ;) But the current machine doesn't have sata & either the CD burner or one of the ide channels has died (took the machine down a few times before we figured out what was up, and we don't want to risk the data drive by troubleshooting further), so we felt it was time for an upgrade all round.

But it's boooooring. Coz there's gonna be nothing new & fancy afterwards, if all goes well it'll be seamlessly replacing what we already had. And it's gonna be a sod to set up - we only set up the samba & nfs & printer stuff once per server install and the last install was a bit over three years ago. Obviously as this is a total replacement we've got the current one to work off (for the first time for this sort of thing), but even so, not specially looking forward to it. We've not even decided what distro to put on it yet (but at least we have a DVD burner in J's machine at the moment so we can download/burn something rather than be stuck with the 2 things we already have on CD ... or is that a bad thing as it gives us more choice & a harder decision? ;) ).

And at the end of it all, we get to spend about a year re-ripping our cds!
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