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Eek! Morning!

J's got the day off today, so we had a nice late start planned - and mostly got it. But it feels like we didn't, because 10 minutes before the alarm went off the milkman rang the doorbell. There's nothing quite like it for waking one from deep sleep to alert in one easy move (the phone isn't quite as bad as it's there in the room so less effort to answer and easier to call back). Turns out the cheque I put out to pay for the milk either wasn't there or they flung it out with the note about changing our normal order (which they had seen, as he asked for the right amount). I'd let J answer the door and hadn't got out of bed, so he had to shout up the stairs to talk to me about it (oops).

And then I got to spend some time on the phone cancelling the cheque, as the internet banking said it would cost a tenner & the reasons you could give for cancelling it didn't include "company lost cheque" or anything similar (you could say "cheque book lost" but not just a single cheque). But the woman on the phone said they would waive the charge as it was a one off & for a small amount, so that actually worked out OK.

Damn milkman tho. Not the planned leisurely start to my day!
Tags: bank, milk
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