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Beer! And Shopping :/

We spent the morning (after our abrupt awakening) doing shopping of the boring sort - off to Focus for some putty to fix the showerscreen (and car bits & bobs like deicer), then to Tescos. There's nothing like a trip to a big supermarket to remove your faith in the basic decency of humanity ;) Not that it was too bad this time, as it was lunchtime during the week so fewer daytripping families.

But that was all boring.

In the afternoon we went along to the beer festival at the Dove for a couple of drinks - J particularly wanted to be sure to have the beer they had from Northumberland, so we figured we wouldn't wait till our planned Saturday trip, in case it was off by then. So J started with High House Farm's Ferocious Fred, and I had Grindleton's Farley Dusks - both of which are very dark velvety smooth beers. The next ones were therefore a bit of a contrast, as both were sharper (and mine was lighter) - Leeds' Midnight Belle for J and Gribble's Bashful Beaver for me (how could I resist the comedy name??). And we finished up with Bradfield's Farmer's Blonde for J (an almost citrussy beer, I thought - very refreshing) and Dark Star's Espresso Stout for me (as J said "your beer is burnt" ;) Mmmmm, dark & bitter beer :) ).

Once home I cooked sweet & sour pork - very nice, but I'm not quite sure how I got from "oh don't want to cook anything complex tonight" to "mmm, lets do a complicated dish I've not done for a year or so" when I was planning the meals for the weekend ;) It's not too complex, but it's definitely unfamiliar which always requires more concentration ;)

And then I shot zombies (alt set the tank on fire tho, not me, but the flames were pretty to watch! ;) Nono, I'm not really a pyromaniac I just play one on the internet ;) ).

Coz it was a day off, we stayed up far too late, so this morning is mostly full of "mmm, sleepy" so far ;)
Tags: beer, computer, cooking, games, l4d
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