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Didn't update yesterday, did I. Ah well.

My test PCR that I was talking about worked. And had no genomic contamination, so I now know that it's the other primer that does. I need to optimise my PCR conditions a bit though. The other problem is weirder - I'd thought that I was getting bigger bands than my expected product because my mutagenic primer bound somewhere else in the vector. But that doesn't seem to be the case (I checked it out with DNAstar) - this makes it all a little bizarre. I'm just gonna ignore that for a little, optimise my PCR conditions and re-order the contaminated primer (and probably the other one, just in case). Then I'll worry about it if it happens again.

Nothing much else happened yesterday. We had pasta for dinner, and a bottle of Sutter Home Zinfandel which was very nice, and as Giant said it was a bit like 'alcoholic ribena' ... very easy to drink, and very deceptive. So I had a large glass of port to follow that with. Very nice :) But I had a bit of a headache this morning :/

Today was a nice lazy type of day. We got up at about 10:30 or so, and I promptly dialed up and read LJ and spodded a bit. Then we went into town. I didn't do much - just went and got more library books. We bought books in Waterstones, the new Tad Williams (last in the Otherlands series), I got a history book "Shakespeare's Kings" which is basically English history between Edward III and Henry V and it also examines whether Shakespeare accurately followed the events in his books. I've read a little bit of this, and it is cool :) J also got a book, called "No Logo" but I can't remember who it's by, I've just seen it lots in bookshops. And I think I've seen a review that suggests that it's supposed to be good.

Since we got back from town at about 5pm I've just vegetated. I was bored for quite a while, and didn't want to do anything - think it was hormonal to be honest. But I'm not now.

We had 'Stir Fry Pepper Beef with Mangetout' for dinner which was very nice :) And a bottle of Oxford Landing Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz. Another very nice bottle of red wine in a totally different way to the wine we had last night.

I read a bit about Bioinformatics tonight. It's a subject area I'd like to get into because it combines two of my interest areas - computer and biology. And Gill seems keen on me doing so too. There's an O'Reilly book that's just out on the subject and I read a sample chapter from it (the introduction) and it looked really cool and interesting. So I'm gonna see if I can get work to buy it for me, along with a couple of books that were in an advert posted on a noticeboard at work. Once I finish my thesis I think I first need to work on learning HTML, then I can do myself a webpage and I can do one for work. There was talk a while back that we'd do one, but no-one seems to have actually done anything about it, so it'll be cool if I do :) Then I can make an effort to learn Perl and do some more bioinformaticsy stuff. And that'll be cool too - might even get work to let me set up a linux box to do stuff from (though this isn't all that likely as we don't have enough PCs for wordprocessing type stuff as it is so I doubt I'll be allowed to hijack one).

Gonna go do my exercises now ... moving up to the next level on the ladder from the Hacker's Diet :) Then I can come back and sit down and spod some more before I go to bed (can also finish off my G&T :) )

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