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Beer & Rock!

Paul came to visit for the weekend, a slightly last minute decision (well, week & a half before at the Marillion gig we mentioned the beer festival & did he want to come along...). It was a weekend of two halves, really - on Saturday there was beer. And beer. And, just possibly, beer. I cooked a curry for lunch, so that we had a decent foundation for a beer festival visit, which was just as well really. We got there about 2:30pm ... and sampled the beers until about 10:30pm when we decided discretion was the better part of valour & came home. I was going to type up the beers we had, but I think I'll save that till tomorrow as I'm sure today will be too boring to write about. But we had 12 each, so you can imagine the state we were in at the end (just halves, I hasten to add, not pints, else we'd've been dead ;) ). Came home, had pizza (yay for frozen convenience foods) and ... more beer. Not the most sensible idea in the world, but fun ;) Just hung out, really - J & Paul went through J's (small) vinyl collection (not to play it, but to look at things) & listened to various things, I dithered between that & being drunk on irc. Paul even played a tiny bit of rockband, startlingly well given the amount of beer he'd packed away.

We finally called it a night at about 3am and made a plan to skip the rest of the morning in favour of sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling pretty rough, but was OK by noon when I got up - J wasn't so lucky & was hungover most of Sunday :( But the plan for the day was still fulfilled - we rocked out ALL DAY. I think 6 or 7 hours of rockband in total, with gaps for roast dinner prep & such like. It's definitely one of the best games we've got for the PS3 and one of the biggest time sinks ;)

And now, it's Monday morning & I've a mountain of washing up to do & I'm wishing we had another weekend to recover from this one ...

But it was fun :D
Tags: beer, games, ps3, rockband, social
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