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It was so cold yesterday! Not that I had to leave the house for anything, but still - just popping out to the garden waste bin was cold enough, and could still see my breath in the air just after lunch when it's supposed to be the warmest time of day! One side effect of having had the boiler replaced & thermostats put on all the radiators is that the house seems to cool off quicker than before - probably because we're only heating the rooms we actually use & even then the bedroom is set to cooler than downstairs, so there's less warmth there in the first place. So I end up needing the heating on during the day rather more than I expect to (I think I got through most of last winter without running it more than an hour in the middle of the day when J was out at work, yesterday was 3 hours). Hopefully the tradeoff is still in favour of using less gas (because we heat less house), should be because it's bit more efficient boiler too.

And today's gonna be a bit chilly, too - looking out the window now the grass and house roofs are still covered in frost. The cat keeps going to his cat flap, then being distracted by the nice warm radiator next to the kitchen door & staying inside after all ;)
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