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Argh! Shopping!

There's something about xmas shopping that turns the town centre into Hell on Earth. Of course doing my grocery (plus other) shopping on a Thursday afternoon doesn't help, as that's Late Night Shopping Night (ie post 5:30pm) during the run up to xmas. And the 'plus other' I had to do this week also included xmas shopping of my own, so I had to go into places that sold gifts. Add to that that everything's "On Sale Now!!!", I had to keep turning down a 3 for 2 offer in one shop (several different sales assistants pointed it out while I was in the shop). It really doesn't matter if I'm buying one thing, for one person - yes, I could buy another thing and then get yet a third for free ... or I could just buy what I've come for & not two more things I don't really want and don't have people to gift them to.

And I might have to go back in today, as not only is J trying to persuade me that if the boots I want for xmas have gone into a sale then I should make sure I buy them before they sell out (I think it's unlikely, tbh, but he does have a point) but also the only ink cartridges I have are the 'introductory' ones that may or may not have enough ink to print 60ish address labels. And I forgot to buy any more yesterday. I should talk to my mother first tho, see what ideas they have for pressies, then I can maybe get some more of the shopping done. Yes, I know I could probably find everything online etc etc, but I find that only works if I know precisely what I'm buying - if it's an idea that's vague (like for a tiny baby "oh, a toy would be good") I find it helps to see the things to make my mind up. And some people's pressie ideas are still at the "oh they'd like this (small, unique to Ipswich) shop, wonder what I can buy from there" stage, which doesn't suit itself to online shopping at all.

And 90% of the grumpy (and the Caps of Doom) this morning is because we ended up being up Far Too Late between the game I was playing & the game he was playing, so this morning came rather sooner than I might've wished ... the coffee & toast I've just had will kick start the day nicely tho & I'll be in a better mood by lunchtime when I might think about venturing out again ;)
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