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Suicide by Tank, My Favourite ;)

I did brave the shops again yesterday, and was somewhat more successful with gift buying & hence in a better mood about it. (Town still hotching with the stupid tho :/ ) I now have all the to-be-posted stuff, and actually I think all that's left of the other people's stuff is order-online things anyway. A benefit of only doing presents for close family & a very few close friends is that we actually see almost all of them over xmas anyway - just not my brother & his family, and not Phil & Helen (& Sam!) - so that means little to post so a longer time frame:)

And I bought my own xmas pressie from J, too. Now, of course, I don't want to wait till xmas to wear the boots but I have to! :)

(You know, putting the printer in the gap under my desk was a great idea, except when I kick the on button while I'm fidgeting around like I did just now. Sudden clunky clunk sounds from the vicinity of my feet! Eek!)

And having spent my afternoon dodging slow moving shambling people in town, how better to finish the day than by shooting some zombies? Tho the Left 4 Dead zombies are only slow moving if they haven't seen you yet ;) We kicked the difficulty up a level to Advanced, then played through the same "movie" we'd done the night before (Dead Air). And somehow it went from 10pm to 1am without pausing for breath in the middle! We failed tho :/ Got to the finale \o/ but never quite made it onto the plane. I thought we were gonna do it one time, but then another Tank turned up and we just didn't have the health to deal with it. As per the title, I'm good at dying when the Tanks show up ... there were a few points where I thought I should rename to Tank Magnet ;)
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