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Sennen, Jeniferever, iLiKETRAiNS

Last night we headed off up to Norwich, with Jonathan, for an iLiKETRAiNS gig. Last time we saw them play it was in Colchester Arts Centre, this time Norwich Arts Centre, both of which are converted churches - which seems kinda appropriate for iLiKETRAiNS somehow. NAC had some kind of art installation in the cafe/bar bit - video screens playing things that included creepy people in gas masks & maggots (not at the same time). Weird, really. The beer was nice tho - they had a couple of real ales, from what I think was a local brewery (Grains?), both of which were rather pleasant.

Sennen were the first support act, and had been a support act last time we saw iLiKETRAiNS. I hadn't remembered being impressed by them last time but rather liked it this time (tho re-reading my lj entry from then my memory was clearly faulty). They seem to be losing (in the newer stuff they played) the harmony vocals which make them more than just a noisy guitar band, which seems a shame.

Next up were Jeniferever, who are a Swedish band we've seen play a few times in Norwich. Whilst I enjoy their stuff live, I find it almost entirely unmemorable - even this morning I'm struggling to think of anything much to say about it. But I know I was enjoying it while they were playing it.

Then iLiKETRAiNS (who aren't doing that way of writing their name anymore really, but I still like it). They didn't have the cool visuals that they had last time (the guy who did the films etc has left the band, I believe), but that didn't detract from the performance & I really enjoyed it. The new songs also sounded good (as did the one(s?) that are older but not on any releases so I hadn't heard before*), tho I think knowing the words/theme/story will improve them as it does with their other songs. There was a bit of a better vibe than last time we saw them & we actually got an encore :) which was the band rocking out with Spencer Perceval (it seems a tad incongruous in abstract for a song about an assassinated prime minister to rock so much, but it works).

*On discussion with J, this turns out to be a song(s?) that's new in that it's this year & post the last album, but they've been playing them at the gigs they did earlier this year (April-ish) so they're not new and weren't introduced as such.
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