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Lazy Sunday

Yesterday was xmas card day - still got 3 addresses to get (2 of which are family members, which feels a tad odd). I had to fight with the printer to get it to do the lablels. Guess I maybe should've got a slightly more expensive model than the cheapest (that works) that I could see ;) But in the end they were printed - some a little wonky, some a little close to the label edge, but usable :) Today involves wrapping up the posting presents, hoping I have sufficient bubble wrap in the house for packing (I thought I did but now I'm not so sure ...). And posting the whole lot.

And apart from cooking a roast, I think I played Left 4 Dead the entire rest of the day. We still didn't finish that movie on advanced, but I played a single player game later on a different movie & managed to do that one so there's hope ;)
Tags: games, l4d, xmas
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