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Success Amidst the Flap!

Tried to order the last pressies online yesterday - but 2 had totally sold out everywhere, the book for my mother is being reprinted & the game for Chris just seems to've vanished. Somehow wasn't expecting that. So we need to have new thoughts about those!

I did have success posting things in the end tho it involved more flapping than it needed to. I'm not quite sure what possessed me to buy glittery wrapping paper (well, I do know actually - it's purple!), as there's now glitter over everything downstairs from wrapping things. I had (just) enough bubblewrap, I think, so everything should get there intact. And the box for my brother's family is fairly well stuffed so it should definitely be OK (ie I thought it wasn't going to fit ;) ). I then discovered that the only bag the boxes would fit in wasn't strong enough, so I ended up walking into town just carrying them - got a few odd looks, clearly the concept of posting gifts at xmas has passed some people by ;)

Oh. And I forgot to put the card for my brother in his parcel before I sealed the box up like Fort Knox - so new address label printed out & that's gone seperately.

I'd wanted to send my brother's stuff so it arrived today for definite, and the weight meant that it would be very expensive via Royal Mail and still expensive but not quite so jaw-droppingly so via ParcelForce. So started to pay for ParcelForce 24 - guaranteed delivery in 24 hours. Only it turns out that they mean "24 hours from when we decide it starts" not "24 hours from posting" - I'd not left myself as much time to wrap presents as it turned out to need so by the time I got to the post office the ParcelForce man had been & gone (I think he'd actually been & gone by 4pm from what she was saying). And apparently they might collect it later, but they might not, so it would be 24 hours from this morning not from yesterday evening ... Which isn't quite what I thought the point of the expensive postage was ;) Thankfully the lady serving me was upfront about it, so in the end I just sent it first class as that will probably get there today, or maybe tomorrow, which is as much as ParcelForce 24 was offering. (To be fair, I could have paid significantly more for next day delivery by Royal Mail but there's a limit to how much I wanted it to arrive today)

The other parcel I sent as a standard parcel, which was much less fuss. Thankfully. I'd about reached the end of my coping-with-faff quota for the day ;)

But everything was posted in the end! All the cards (the postman very kindly waited as I stuck the stamps on), all the postal presents. Everything that's left needs to come with us on our trip round the country for the festive season. And my Dad's present shipped from Amazon, so I have faith that at least one of them will get here in time ;)
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