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Sad News & Other Things

One of yOUKAYJAY's rats died yesterday :( I'd said (about a year ago) when one of his other rats died that I was glad I didn't have such short-lived pets, as it's so sad when pets die. But I've got rather attached to the little ratlings over the last year despite never having met them (or their owner). Capri'd been ill for a bit - at first just losing her sense of balance & not eating anything but mushy food. So the hope was it was just an ear infection, and not a stroke or worse, and she was put on antibiotics. Unfortunately instead of getting better she got a lot worse over the last few days, the diagnosis was a fast growing brain tumour & she had to be put down yesterday afternoon :( RIP Capri :(

In less sad news yesterday was apparently post day - 3 deliveries & 4 items, I think they could've organised it somewhat more efficiently ;) And the last two online orders have shipped (whew), so we're nearly all set for Xmas - just J's parents' present to buy yet, and maybe something else for my parents. J's got the day off today, so we're likely going to sort those out this afternoon. And then spend the rest of the day playing computer games, if the normal pattern for days off is followed ;) Or maybe watch the rest of the Doctor Who story we were watching (then we can get that DVD back to LoveFilm) - we didn't watch it yesterday as that was Heroes night. Not that I've been watching Heroes - I was too squeamish for the first few episodes of season 1 - but as I'm still in the same room when J's watching it then I've a vague idea of the storyline & characters. After xmas I think we're looking into Free Sat, and an HD PVR thingy for it - the quality of freeview is a bit flaky (probably our aerial, it doesn't point in quite the same direction as anyone elses' on the street) and anyway that doesn't give us HD telly :) And as we haven't got a video recorder a PVR will come in more than handy for when we don't actually want to watch what's on when it's on.
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