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15 December 2008 @ 09:30 am
marble came to visit us yesterday for an afternoon & evening of PS3 games, which was rather fun :) Tho apparently I fed him too much lunch & cake as he didn't eat dinner! ;)

He brought Guitar Hero: World Tour along - complete with one of the guitars & the drumkit so we could try them out. J and I had been dithering about whether or not to pick up GH:WT + a guitar soon (coz it's fairly cheap in HMV atm), but I think we both prefered the rockband guitar & both prefer rockband as a game too, so there's no overwhelming rush to buy GH:WT. If one of our guitars dies & rockband 2 isn't on the horizon yet then we might pick it up, but till we can get a rockband 2 guitar then the cheap & nasty spare one we've got will do as a second one. And we'll maybe pick the game up on its own cheap sometime.

The drums are odd if you're used to the rockband ones - the two different heights of things-to-hit feels very strange at first. And (at least on easy, which is what I was playing) they are charted fairly differently, felt quite odd. Felt sturdier though - and they were definitely quieter, the pad surfaces were a bit more rubbery & bouncy than the rockband ones. You did have to hit it harder though - this was probably because Ainsley's still calibrating it (a lot of the drumkits shipped with the sensitivities out of whack & Activision provide some software & a cable so you can adjust it yourself).

We did enjoy the game itself, but rockband is more to our tastes I think - certainly I have a definite preference for the style of rockband. Leaving that aside, I found the ui harder to read while playing - hard to see how well we were doing, hard to see what the starpower meter was at - particularly when I was on the righthand side of the screen for my track as most of the useful info was small & in the top left corner. And the hit registration is totally different in feel to rockband's, so sometimes I could only tell I'd got the note within the right time because the multiplier kept going up ... There was something different about the sound, too. I think maybe rockband seperates out the parts a bit more with your own one being more heavily biased towards your side of the room, GH:WT just all sounded a bit muddier. We didn't look hard in the options though, there may've been things we could've set up. The game was also more linear than I'd expected in career mode - not quite straight through, but less back & forth than with rockband, and never ended up playing the same songs another time, once you'd done a set that was those songs 'done'.

But niggles aside, a fun game, we like that sort of game after all :) And a fun day, tho by the end of it I think J & I were both fairly fried. Now I have to actually get going & get on with the week!
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