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More Xmas Shopping!

Spent most of yesterday feeling Far Too Tired ... J's fighting off some sort of lurgi, possibly I am too. Meant I didn't really do much of interest though, even to myself. I did succeed in remembering to buy the charity xmas gifts, which is just as well as they'll collect them from BT today I believe. Have you any idea how hard it is to find handkerchiefs? Maybe I just look in the wrong places - but BHS only had half a dozen initialled ones (no use for a present for a random old dear), Debenhams found the whole concept rather alien & I only finally had success in M&S. I should possibly buy myself some at some point, clearly it's a vanishing item & I still use them damnit even if no-one else does (but I'm still using the same set I bought nearly 2 decades ago ...).

And umm, that's it. Hopefully I get a sudden burst of energy any time now, then I'll have a productive day! ;)
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