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Late Nights & Early Mornings ...

Tuesday evening was J's work xmas do - as with last year we met for drinks in Bar IV before having dinner in Trongs. The guy who organises it goes ski-ing with someone at Trongs, so we get a 20 quid dinner that's probably a bit more than normal :) Very nice food as always, tho I suppose I do think a xmas dinner should have turkey on offer (but equally then we wouldn't have aromatic crispy duck & that's alway a nice treat so not sure I'd swap ...). Company was quite good too, met up with one of J's colleagues on the way in who's about our age & into music & computer games, so he's nice to talk to. But it did feel a bit like we were attracting senior management - as the three of us stood in the bar & talked at the start, J's boss's boss came to talk to us. And his boss (so 3 levels up) sat at the same table as us for dinner. But they were actually OK to talk to, not just Senior Management making nice with the plebs ;)

Yesterday morning instead of writing an lj entry I ended up talking to J about the sharesave savings schemes we've got going - they're changing the start dates & it just makes the whole thing complicated & do we cancel one or not or what, particularly as the option price for the shares is good at the moment & wasn't for the last couple. And that made my brain hurt - there's no obviously right answer to what to do, just several that are good in different ways. It'd be a lot easier if one obviously maximised the money ;)

Spent the afternoon playing Super Stardust HD for the first time in ages ... badly out of practice, but still got ~25million on one go, so was pleased with that. Knackered my hand/wrist though, I need to learn to relax while I'm playing, but if I'm concentrating on the game then I'm not thinking about my hand. Spent the evening shooting zombies & still not getting much further with that level on expert that we were trying on Friday ... we'll get there though, it's beginning to come together :)

And this morning we were up at early-o'clock to take the car to the council's pet garage, which is out in Claydon (so about a half an hour drive). Talked to the guy at the garage a bit as we were dropping it off - he said the car was nearly a write off! That's coz the car is old & thus cheap (worth about £800 he thought which feels rightish), but I'd not realised a dent & cracked bumper that don't actually affect the ability of the car to go would cost anything like that much. But apparently we're getting a new bumper & new wing, and it'll take them a couple of days, so I guess it all adds up. I'm glad we went via the council's garage, as I suspect if they were getting the quote from some other garage it might've taken some more back & forth. And I'm glad we let them know we need the car next week - it would've been hellishly inconvenient if we were suddenly carless.
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