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It's Nearly Xmas!!

Despite J's suffering with the lurgi we did manage to get the decorations up yesterday :) Christmas is on its way!! :D The cat thinks it's great - there's a tree! Inside! With stuff on it! It came in a box! And I've even put the beanbag he likes to sit on next to it, so he has a choice of places to contemplate his tree from. Yeah, I'm a softie :) I don't think we did anything else yesterday - lots of computer games of various sorts & J drank lemsip like there was no tomorrow ;) He's feeling enough better today to've gone to the karate grading (he's one of the examiners), tho he did skip the higher grades class before it ...

In less good news next door appear to've gone away & left their alarm clock on. SET FOR 4AM, damnit. It wouldn't matter if it just went off for 5 mins or something, but it goes on for about 2 hours if no-one switches it off :/ It's incredible how much an insistent electronic noise on the other side of the wall stops one from sleeping :( We may go sleep in the spare room till we know they're home.
Tags: j, karate, neighbours, xmas
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