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Even Nearer Xmas! (Now With More Dead Zombies)

I think I spent almost the entirety of yesterday playing Left 4 Dead. Well, except for the bit where I cooked dinner & the bit where I did the washing up. J was out at karate most of the afternoon, so I'd been thinking I'd have a rather dull Sunday afternoon, but FFB showed up online wanting to play l4d so off we went & shot zombies. Lots of zombies! And obviously having played for several hours in the afternoon didn't stop us playing again in the evening when alt showed up ;)

I did do at least one virtuous xmas present related thing though - sorted out my in-laws gift, checked it worked, did some initial set-up (well, kinda, it Just Worked so there was little to do). I'd had vague plans of wrapping things, but that will have to happen this afternoon now. Along with some last minute shopping for extra little bits & pieces (planned to be so) this morning.

Nearly Xmas!
Tags: computer, games, l4d, xmas
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