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Xmas 2008, New Year 2009

Xmas this year involved slightly less than the usual amount of travelling, as we stuck the two visits together so only had 3 journeys. I'm not sure that actually helped, as by Tuesday when we came home we were Fed Up of car journeys. Just about recovered now though.

Xmas itself was at J's parents' place, and involved a lot of good food and copious quantities of alcohol (tho not much hangover \o/). We got there on the 23rd, and had a fairly quiet evening - we'd brought the ps3 & rockband with us so we set it up to check it all worked, and we did some quality control on the John Smiths ;) Jo & Chris turned up at lunchtime on Xmas Eve, so we settled in then for an afternoon of rockband - god knows what the neighbours thought, I think J's parents were faintly appalled ;) Us 'kids' went out to the carol service after dinner, then somehow persuaded (oh it took all of 5 seconds) everyone to come out to the pub for a few Xmas drinks :) But we were relatively restrained as befits the day before the main event. Xmas day was filled with nice things - good company, presents, food, wine, beer, new ps3 games. Everything nice :) I think we went for a walk on Boxing Day, maybe? Otherwise it was also full of games (we got Jo & Chris hooked on Little Big Planet) & food etc.

I'd figured we'd travel on the 27th as the roads might be quieter than the 26th ... maybe they were, but they were still full of impatient people trying to get where they were going faster than they were. But we got to Oxford safely in the end, even if it took an hour longer than I thought it would! Visiting my parents was a change of pace - more time spent reading (I've finished all my xmas books already!) and less food (but more variety). And the only pub trip was at lunchtime on Monday to The Barley Mow at Clifton Hampden, for a very nice lunch :) Got to talking about family history stuff Monday evening, and amongst other things Dad told me some stories about his aunts (he had many aunts, but there's a particular two who were "the aunts") and gave me a copy of an essay he'd written for his Spanish class about them. He went though & translated it (verbally) for me, so I've a fair idea what it says (and learnt all sorts of things I didn't know) and can probably piece together a translation (of substance even if not of the right wording) with help from the internets ;)

Back home on Tuesday, by which stage we had, as I said, Had Enough. Got the cat home & apart from a trip to Tescos yesterday (not quite hell on earth but ...) we've not left the house & likely won't for the next few days. I spent all Tuesday evening (5 hours!) shooting zombies, I'd kinda missed my Left 4 Dead time ;) Our New Years Eve celebration was quiet - we tend to do that, if we have Xmas away New Year is quiet, if we have Xmas here then that is quiet & New Year is not. We stayed in, I watched J playing Prince of Persia (such a pretty game), we watched Jools Holland on the telly and the fireworks out the window at midnight. And welcomed in 2009 with a glass of port (Sandeman Port - chosen as my great-great-grandmother was a Sandeman (my father's father's father's mother) tho not, I think, connected to the port makers).

Happy New Year, I hope 2009 is a good one for us all :)
Tags: family, family history, games, l4d, lbp, new year, ps3, rockband, social, xmas
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