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Things, Perhaps a Bit Resolutionary

I don't particularly do New Year resolutions, it always seems a tad arbitary, but equally because the concept is there in our culture I do find myself thinking about things to change/do more of/whatever around this time of year ... So, some vague resolutiony things:

  • I've got loads of jewellery I rarely wear, I should wear more of it just coz, not save it for going out (particularly as I always tend towards a smaller subset of pieces then).

  • As a corollary to that I should probably sort out my jewellery, makeup & hair stuff and make sure it's clean/polished & get rid of old stuff I won't use.

  • I should get back into doing the family history research rather than spend all my leisure time playing computer games.

  • And as a corollary to that I should also make more of an effort to write up the stuff I'm finding out, I've started some little webpages (password protected to family) but not much is actually there yet.
Tags: things to do
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