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Chicken & Corruption & Zombies!

The problem with having done our food shopping on New Years Eve was that inevitably they were out of some of the things we would've liked to buy. This meant that our planned roast dinner of duck or turkey turned into a roast chicken. (Well, there were turkeys, but only fairly big "ooh isn't it fancy" ones rather than smaller perfectly adequate ones.) But it was a very nice roast chicken, accompanied by all the bits & bobs one expects from a roast dinner (except the stuffing which I forgot to get out of the freezer in time). And to drink we had a bottle of the wine my brother gave us for Xmas (thanks Dave! (not that he reads this that I'm aware)).

Vast swathes of the rest of the day (in fact, pretty much all of it, which I don't imagine surprises anyone) were taken up with computer games. J's still playing Prince of Persia - it's a very pretty game & I sat and watched quite a bit of it while he played. I may someday get round to playing it myself, you never know, but I've a few games ahead of that in the queue for my attention (including Devil May Cry 4 on the ps3). And obviously I played some Left 4 Dead in the evening ... dropped back to down advanced & actually completed a movie for a change ... well alondonthing escaped the horde anyway, even if the rest of us died a pitiful death, which he was rather smug about ;)

I'm betting today contains more of the same (with different food tho!) ;)
Tags: food, games, l4d, pc, prince of persia, ps3
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