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Adventures in Cooking

I cooked something Mexican for dinner last night - Jo & Chris gave me a Mexican cookery book ("Mexican Kitchen" by Rick Bayless) for my birthday a year or two ago & I've still only made 2 recipes from it, partly because they all seem complicated and partly just coz it's hard to actually get the ingredients they call for. This was Smoky Shredded Pork Tacos (or rather, something Mexican that translates to something like that) - I succeeded this time in getting the amount of chilli about right for our tastes ... the recipe calls for 2-3 chipotle chillis (seeds & all) and I put in 1 thoroughly deseeded one & it was pleasantly warm. Last time I tried one chilli but with the seeds & it was almost (but not quite) inedibly hot. I suspect we're wusses compared to how it "should" be eaten, but so be it ;) That's about the 5th or 6th time I've made that recipe, time to branch out soon I think as I'm getting more comfortable with it (and the other one I've done which is similarish to cook tho pretty different tasting) - there was nearly no cursing at it yesterday, just a bit of muttering under my breath ;)

Anyone any idea what shops (if any) might sell me tomatillos? I tried most places I could think of in town a few months ago, but no joy.

And while I'm asking questions ... the book goes on about US onions & Mexican onions not being the same & how you want to use the white Mexican ones not the yellow US ones. Does anyone who's bought groceries both sides of the pond know if our normal UK onions are the white ones or not? I mean, they don't taste sweet (!?) to me and they're pretty white ... but they're just onions, y'know, I've not seen the "other" sort to compare them.

Incidentally, the end result of the cooking is worth the cursing and/or underbreath muttering! ;)
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