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Zombies & The Return of Real Life

Yesterday was full of that end-of-holidays feeling, trying to pull our bodyclocks back round to something sensible for real life meaning we got up earlier than we would've wished & went to bed earlier than we (or maybe just me?) were tired. I'd had vague plans of doing something other than just play computer games & cook, but then FFB showed up online early afternoon & suggested some Left 4 Dead so I ended up playing that most of the afternoon & evening :) J was mostly swearing at Mirror's Edge during the afternoon & that clearly lodged itself in my subconcious as I spent last night having dreams that were a cross between Mirror's Edge type time-trials & zombie hunting ... which didn't help the fidgety end-of-holidays must-sleep-now-got-to-get-up early ;)

And it snowed overnight, couldn't it've done that on the days we didn't need to leave the house?
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