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Doctor Who "The Dead Planet" & "The Survivors"

Last night we watched two episodes from the next Doctor Who DVD we had from LoveFilm - the opening two of the first Daleks story! I'm pretty sure I once had the book of this (quite possibly still somewhere in Oxford), so I kept getting flashes of the next bits of the story coming to me :) This feel much better written than the first story - an impression probably helped by the fact that the Daleks are recognisably Daleks (tho not quite the Daleks of later Who). Things have definitely changed since the 60s, tho ;) Lots of women being hysterical & men being Manly and Heroic ... I also have trouble getting over how naive the Doctor & Susan are, if they've been travelling as much as they say they have (of course, they haven't necessarily been travelling that long, they could be fibbing). There's also the "advanced science" looking laughable to modern eyes, the plotters with the ink still wet were kinda funny ;) I did enjoy it tho :)

And then I slept spectacularly badly, had dreams I can't remember that left me feeling melancholy & dreams of the doorbell ringing (it can't've, it'd've woken J not me as we know from experience). Bah.
Tags: doctor who, tv
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