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The End of Xmas, Doctor Who "The Escape" & "The Ambush" & a Bit More Zombie Shooting

Took the xmas decorations down yesterday - probably should've been the day before, but I don't think I care that much about the "right" day to do so. Very little feline assistance, though he did try and get in the box with the decorations, then in the xmas tree box with the tree. The latter was rather tough as I'd actually failed to fit the tree in the box let alone left space for a cat ... J had to very firmly squash the box shut so I could tape it up & we rather hope there's not going to be a xmas tree explosion all over the loft during the year ;)

Watched the next two episodes of The Daleks ... clearly Doctor Who has always had great gaping plot holes you could drive a truck through ;) Although I can't recall offhand what the event was that triggered that thought while we were watching it. The Thals were hysterical in their 60s futuristic clothes, particularly the fronts of the women's tops & the leggings the men were wearing. All a bit blonde-supermen too, not helped by Susan's "but you're perfect" etc. Something has definitely changed about story-telling between then & now, too - there's a lot of conversations between characters that seem purely there to tell the audience what's going on. Like the Daleks explaining to each other in great detail what they're going to do next. We were cracking up laughing at the food offering bit as well, with the Daleks hiding behind the doors like little kids playing hide & seek ;) Re-reading this paragraph it gives the wrong impression about what I thought of it - I am enjoying watching them, but the bits that stick in my mind to say things about seem to be the "oh isn't it different" or the funny bits.

And after that I went and shot zombies all evening! Having not managed to get into a game on Monday night I was rather pleased about that :) I stopped at ~half-ten coz it was getting to be bedtime & we'd nearly nearly made it into the safehouse at the end of the third section of the map. Alt & dnky carried on after me & FFB stopped & I think they got to the last safehouse before the finale (an hour or two later...), so we're definitely making headway. We had a bit of a crappy start to the game too, so we were doing pretty well later. (Crappy start being a pissed person playing with us & having difficulty with the notions of "don't teamkill" and "stay close together" ;) But he left & dnky joined in a bit later). It's such a fun game, very intense tho.

Slept a lot better last night too, so I'm less like a zombie myself this morning ;)
Tags: doctor who, games, l4d, pc, tv, xmas
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