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If In Doubt, Thump It (Devil May Cry 4 & Doctor Who, In a Nutshell ;) )

I actually finished taking the xmas decorations down yesterday - as I started to do something else I suddenly realised that the xmas cards were still up. I think I'd meant to take them down after the tree, but then when I totally failed to get the tree in its box I'd forgotten all about the next bit.

Went back to Devil May Cry 4 while waiting for J to come home from karate (dinner was re-heated spag bol, not much to do), repeated the mission I'd screwed up & had a paddy about before, and did the next one. I'm pretty much playing it as pure button mashing, I'm sure there can be more to it than that, but I am on the easiest difficulty level :) And it makes me smile, the main char's got a sword & an Attitude & it appeals to my inner teenage boy ;) (The scantily clad women don't do anything for me, but I can see that that's the other half of appealing to that demographic ;) ). Pretty much everything can be solved by hitting it with your sword, or shooting it, or if all else fails you can thump it!

The other game experience of the day was Left 4 Dead (surely you're not surprised?) - quite a good game, but one of the other guys was rather irritating. I would probably've been a bit more tolerant (tho there are only so many times you can be roasted to death by people before it gets aggravating ;) ) but he got off to a bad start by practically wetting himself when he found out I was a woman *rolls eyes*. Ah, fps gamers, not always the most well socialised of people ;)

In between those two we watched the next two episodes of The Daleks, "The Expedition" & "The Ordeal" - only one left (I wanted to play l4d so we left it till tomorrow). I found some of the politics of these a bit problematic - probably just another instance of how the world has changed since the 60s. The Thals are pacifist & don't want to fight the Daleks, but Our Heroes need to get the fluid link back from the Dalek city & the easiest way to do that is if the Thals go fight the Daleks. So they get "talked" and "convinced" out of their firmly held principles to make life easier for the Doctor & his companionsDo The Right Thing. Plot-wise we were left a little at a loss about precisely why the Daleks had wanted the anti-radiation drugs & why it was now so urgent to replenish the radioactivity in the atmosphere in less than 23 days, given earlier mentions of the current situation lasting for generations (time for the "mutation to come full circle" in the Thals, let's just ignore the psuedo-science babble shall we ;) ). Emo-Thal being Emo was probably not supposed to be as funny as he was ;)
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