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Lazy Sunday

We had roast lamb for lunch yesterday. About once a year we remember we've not had lamb for a while & can't remember quite if we like it or not, so give it a try. Verdict: it's OK, but not favourite. Which I suspect is what we always think & hence why it gets forgotten about ;) And we now have a jar of mint sauce for J to have on his roast potatoes for the forseeable future (I'm not keen on it).

We played GH:WT most of the afternoon - both of us at first, then after J had had enough of the drums I did a bit of the singleplayer mode on guitar. Possibly I should be playing at the next difficulty level up as I stormed through the first handful of gigs on hard ;) Then again, I'll likely hit a wall later on, that always seems to be the way. After dinner (leftover curry from Sat night) I settled in to shoot zombies (we're still trying to get through No Mercy on expert ...) & I think J played Mirror's Edge till his brain hurt then read about hieroglyphs (not sure that's a good cure for tired brains!). And that sentence had far too many parenthetical remarks! ;)
Tags: cooking, games, gh:wt, l4d, pc, ps3
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