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Organisation & Zombicide, Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together!

J had started trying to find space on the bookshelves for all his books about Egypt on Sunday, but it had ended up with more books on the floor than when he'd started. So yesterday I finally got round to sorting the shelves out for the first time in at least 18 months, possibly 2 years. I've not quite finished (there's some books to go upstairs, but I've not done the bookshelf up there) but now there are no books stacked up on the fronts of the shelves & everything is properly organised - fiction A-Z by author, and history in approximate chronological order. Although hardbacks don't always fit on the shelf in the right place because of the shelf heights, which means the fiction does things like D E F E F G or H J H I J. Which offends my sense of rightness! I like things to be in the Right Order if they're actually organised - when I was a kid I not only had my bookshelves alphabeticised but I also had little stickers for which letter was where. And if I go to the library these days I find myself twitching to sort the shelves out if things are out of order (as they almost always are) and I also normally want to re-categorise the books coz they're frequently in the wrong genre ... I don't do it though, I restrain myself.

It looks so much better now I've done that (particularly because I also dusted down the shelves). And it looks kinda like we have new books (oooooooooooh!) coz things are in different places & there're things I'd forgotten I'd bought & want to re-read now & & &! I don't half ache today though, there was a lot of standing on chairs stretched out to lift things on or off shelves - I was never stretching past my reach, but one set of shelves is behind J's desk/computer so I couldn't get that close & it was at the edge of what I could safely lean across & do. And my shoulders are letting me know all about that this morning ;)

And my other accomplishment for the day was to become a Zombicidal Maniac!! I.e. we finally made it through No Mercy on expert (well, me & dnky made it out onto the helicopter, the other two died - so we'll need to do it again so they can survive too). We did make use of a flaw (ok, exploit) in the finale to avoid death then, so we need to do it "properly" some time - but still, that's the first time I've made it all the way through to the finale anyway :D
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