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The Dead & The Undead

As I knew was bound to happen, as soon as I got round to ordering the certificates I wanted, I found another one that I should've ordered in that set - one which might help me get a generation further back with the Spences or maybe not, depending on how old Nanny Spence was when she died in 1846 (if this is the right lady). I may put the order in for that later today (or then again, more likely, I'll deal with it next week - today will probably involve computer games of various sorts ;) ).

I also started to write up what I know about Jane Gibson's father's family - ie primarily the Gibsons and Robinsons. I'd been writing webpages for other stuff, but I want to send this to J's Aunt Phyl and I don't think she uses the internet at all so would likely prefer a printed copy. So writing in a wordprocessor rather than a text editor, which feels weird after so long with everything I write being html based (even this journal to some degree, I don't use any of the stuff in the menus in logjam if I want italics I type out <i> etc). I dithered a bit about how to organise it, but in the end decided to do it semi-formally & set it out a bit like a scientific paper - Introduction/Methods/Results & Discussion. But not called that, just that's the framework. I've written a couple of pages of text so far & pretty much covered the Gibson side of the family. And I've put one figure in (a pedigree, currently just a screenie from gramps tidied up a bit, but I might alter that), and have ideas for a few more (pictures are always good) - for instance a map which has the various farms people lived in on it, and one of the wider area with the villages in marked. I think I probably also need an appendix of sorts with just the bare facts, I can probably get gramps to generate that for me. When I finally finish it I'm gonna send a copy to J's parents too, and maybe Jo if she's interested.

And having turned my brain inside out writing stuff all afternoon I finished it off entirely by playing 4 & a half hours or so of L4D. J wasn't entirely pleased by how late we ended up staying up, but I had an excellent evening & we were so close to finishing the level. Evenutally tho my eyes were starting to hurt a bit, so I stopped at about 1am - I think the other three carried on for another half an hour or so, but they didn't quite manage to escape.
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