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19 January 2009 @ 10:17 am
A Busy Weekend  
Saturday J had a contact lens checkup, so we went into town in the afternoon and I bought a couple of bits & pieces I'd forgotten on Thursday afternoon. Then we popped into The Dove on the way home for "a" pint (which turned into 2 & a half ;) ) before coming home to play the Roy Orbison tracks we'd got for Rockband ... not our most successful game playing experience ;) On a more successful note I managed not to set the kitchen alight while cooking dinner (our hob likes to light things like red wine poured into a frying pan ... but I avoided it this time!). And I spent all evening shooting zombies - tho this time I didn't keep playing till 1am, unlike Friday night ;)

The "early" (ok ok, not very early) end to the evening was because we were planning an Adventure for Sunday, so wanted to get up a bit more promptly than we otherwise might :) We still didn't get round to leaving the house till about 11am, but that was about what I was expecting ;) And then headed off to Cambridge! For the first time (ever, I think) we actually used a park & ride place as it's intended (we've used the park & ride buses in Ipswich to get to the PC World at the end of town before), and got into Cambridge at about 1pm and started looking for some lunch (after a wander through the new shopping centre that's attached to the Lion Yard one - looks quite fancy & seems full of expensive shops). We eventually settled on lunch in The Eagle - which feels less interested in beer these days & more interested in food & the tourist trade. Maybe just a factor of time of day/day of the week. J's lunch was rather good - he had the roast beef dinner - my fish & chips was lacking a bit :/ The piece of fish was rather skimpy & had been coated in enough batter to make it look respectable - and I'm always more fond of the fish than the batter anyway, so that was a bit disappointing. Good chips & peas though.

Then on to the main event of the day! We went to the Fitzwilliam Museum, primarily to look at their Egyptian stuff. I think the most impressive things in there were the coffins & mummy board of Nespawershefyt - all very intricately painted, with lots of writing. Or possibly the granite sarcophagus lid of Ramesses III, which was enormous & impressive & awe inspiring. It took me rather less time to look through all the egyptian things than J (it's his 'thing' really, not mine), so I went and wandered round the other galleries on the ground floor for a bit. The room after room of porcelain left me cold, tbh, tho the Japanese room had a fantastic (wooden) statue of a boddhvista in "a pose of royal ease". And then I found the instruments of pointy death, which kept me happy for a while ;) Er, that is, the room of late medieval/early modern armour & weapons - mostly swords and maces, but a few guns too.

We had a brief look in the museum shop before coming home - didn't buy anything. But did goggle at what had to be one of the most expensive books we've seen (particularly for the size of it). Small audience for it, I guess.

Then home uneventfully, for a takeaway pizza for dinner & an evening of games.

A good weekend! :D
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John: coffee cupjarel on January 19th, 2009 03:52 pm (UTC)
I just noticed that that book is on offer with a big discount at Amazon - now a mere 86 pounds!
hatter on January 19th, 2009 10:15 pm (UTC)
That book does seem extraordinarily small, with a mass of 0.00kg

the hatter