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Still Spending All My Time on the Dead & the Undead

More certificates arrived, so I got all the data from them into the database yesterday afternoon. Then settled in to try & find more about the Storeys. But no joy :/ And while I found a possible family for Mary Forster (John Storey's second wife & J's g-g-g-grandmother), I'm not sure enough of it. I did have a brainwave this morning as I was getting up for find the Storeys, though - I should search for "Stoney", in case it's mistranscribed like that. Possibly "Stosey" as well, thinking of the vagaries of nineteenth century handwriting. It's also possibly the family just went somewhere else - if they left England pre-1841, and John came back in time for his first (known) kid to be born in 1852 but after the 1851 census then I'd not find them. I can't find hide nor hair of his first marriage either - I now know from a birth certificate that the woman's name was Mary Maria Armstrong, but I can't find her anywhere, either.

Slightly more success with one of the other ones - I now have Amos Robinson Gibson's wife's surname, she was a Tallentire. So two of J's great-great-great-grandmothers were Tallentires. I found the marriage for Amos & Margaret and I found a probably birth for her too, so I need to order those. Then I can confirm that the family I've found in 1851 & 1841 is indeed hers. And as they are in Forest & Frith, I know the Bishops' Transcripts are available (and a very quick look found one of her probable older sibling's baptism). So that should be productive once I get the certificates to confirm it :)

And then I spent all evening till gone midnight shooting zombies :D We had a dreadful time with server problems tho - all got disconned from several, then some people's l4d updated & they couldn't get back in. But eventually we all got the same version of the game & all got on a server & it went pretty well (tho the beer induced incompetance started kicking in later on in my case ;) ). Nearly made it to the finale in Death Toll & I reckon we'd've got there if we'd not spent so much time earlier faffing about.
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