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Brickwalls & Broken Pages

All the certificates I was waiting on arrived the other day - and I now know for sure that Margaret Patterson was formerly called Oxley, it says so on all 3 children's birth certificates that I have over a 13 year span whether she was the informant or her husband. And I still can't find her pre-1861 in the censuses. She's pretty definite about having been born in Houghton le Spring in all the censuses I have her in, too. Possibly she's not in the country in 1841 & 1851, possibly she was Margaret Oxley before her marriage but something else was her maiden name (ie Thomas Patterson is her second husband). Possibly she wasn't born in the area, although Margaret Oxley's are rare enough that I've look at pretty much all of them. Gah. It's annoying to get stuck like that, as we'll probably never know.

Decided I'd track down some Dowsons in the censuses yesterday afternoon, as I'd been banging my head against brickwalls (in the research sense) for a while or writing stuff up or putting data in the database. And the fun bit is the finding people in the first place! But ancestry's fancy javascript stuff to add records to trees was playing up, so that turned out to be not much fun either. I don't actually use the ancestry trees for "real" but it's a good way of keeping track of which census page I'd looked at & decided was the right person. Gave up in a bit of a grump after that, fighting with webpages isn't the point.

And for those who care about such things - don't worry, zombies were shot! Every evening! Lots of them!

And I've no idea how come it's gone 10am, I suppose I should go get on with things now ;)
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