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02 February 2009 @ 10:17 am
Karate Club Dinner  
Saturday evening was J's karate club xmas (sort-of) dinner ... no-one bothered to organise anything before xmas, partly because everyone's always busy then, but unlike last year they did actually get round to it afterwards. It's always kinda weird going out with that group - I know some of the people coz I've met them once or twice a year for 9 years or so. But I don't actually know them, and there's always new faces that I don't know at all. They're generally good company tho :) (Although one guy did manage to do several of the stereotypical conversations about games - "why play guitar hero, play guitar instead" "left 4 dead just isn't realistic enough". He plays stuff like Rainbow Six, whereas I'm much less into that sort of fps ... and if I wanted to play guitar, I would, we have one!) We met up for a drink in Mannings first (the Snowplains 10th birthday meet was there, so some people might remember it :) ), then on to Mizu (next door!) for food - it's a Wagamamas clone, and we rather like it. So a good choice :) We then went trotting round town looking for somewhere quiet enough to have another drink in afterwards (pretty hard to do at 10pm on a Saturday night) - ended up in Bar IV which at least had enough space to not get crushed.

A good evening :)

Most of the rest of my weekend was spent playing Left 4 Dead - I think I played for 8 hours yesterday, maybe more. I'm an addict! ;) Tho I have been playing some GH:WT lately too - Fri & Sat afternoon were devoted to that.

And it has snowed, but to be honest it's barely managed to make it to an inch, and even that is melting a bit now. Maybe there'll be more snow this afternoon, but as snowpocalypses go this is a bit pathetic!
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Ruheruhe on February 2nd, 2009 02:09 pm (UTC)