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It tried to snow, it really did. I mean, it fell from the sky & everything. But by about half three when I went out to the shops it had given up, and what little had settled was melting already. Which did mean the pavements were slushy & pretty treacherous - and I thought it would freeze later & be dreadful. But by the time we went to bed it had pretty much all gone. Nice sunny day here today. I think we're supposed to get sleet/snow later in the week, but it doesn't sound like there'll be that much then, either.

There was, tho, just enough snow to piss the cat off - he went out a couple of times in the morning, stayed out just long enough to walk across a snowy bit then came back in to complain to the weather creator ;) He approves of this white cold stuff even less than he approves of the water that falls from the sky ;)
Tags: weather
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