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Christmas really is over now (and still no snow)

Christmas is now officially over, as opposed to just being over because reality had returned - I took down the Christmas decorations yesterday afternoon. The cat checked out the boxes for me first, made sure they were really empty and safe from ghouls and ghosties ... and then stared in horror as I dismantled the indoor bush! He loves the Christmas tree, because he likes sitting under bushes outside surveying his kingdom & he thinks we've got him one specially for the inside while it's cold. Then we take it away before the cold is over, and despite his luxurious fur coat he's not a fan of the cold.

Somehow between that and having to go back out to the co-op for stuff I'd forgotten on Monday (and still forgot the crisps) I ended up with not much spare afternoon to do stuff in (probably would've helped if I'd been more efficient at doing those two things ;) ). The evening was full of computer games - played some Lego Rockband with J first. The cutscenes and descriptions of things are really rather silly, particularly liked the UFO abduction one (no, that doesn't make much sense even in the context of the game, it's not really supposed to).

And then some Left 4 Dead ... we're currently banging our heads against the Night Terrors map, each section is based on some film or such & the third bit is the mines of Moria sequence from Lord of the Rings. One of the trigger points is the bit where a bucket gets knocked down the well and hordes of enemies (zombies in this case, obviously) come pouring into the room. It's reasonably tough on expert particularly with just 3 of us real people (so one bot) and there's another 2 or 3 nasty bits after that so we didn't make it past that level last night (or the night before, tbh). It was a game to stick in the mind tho, some hysterically funny bits. On one go we'd just set off the trigger & for some reason dnky decided to move from where we were holding to go shoot a smoker or something. Only he misjudged the jump and jumped straight down the well after the bucket! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee .... splat! Insta-death at the bottom. I got a front seat view of that coz I was watching past there to dump a molly on the incoming horde at the door, didn't really shoot much after that for a bit, too busy giggling. Laughing again now thinking about it ;) Don't think he coulda done the jump if he'd tried, without catching on the edge. Meant he stopped giving me grief for spoiling the previous go by incapping him, tho ;)

And all the way through the game both dnky & alt kept telling me it was snowing where they were, was it snowing in Ipswich yet? I think J got a bit grumpy after the umpteenth time I jumped up & looked out the window to see, or maybe just after I was asking him (well, he was in the kitchen, the curtains in there are always open, easier to see than it was for me!). It still hasn't snowed here - I think it might be supposed to this afternoon, which is inconvenient as it would be nice if it snowed when J was here not when he's at work with karate after. Ah well, things will work out, and we may miss out altogether (which would be just fine!) - Ipswich tends to get less snow than prophesied, or at least has done so over the last 13 or so years.
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