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The TV is not just for games!

Yesterday afternoon's entertainment (apart from laughing at the rather limp snowpocalypse - 2mm snow does not count as the "heavy snow" we were forecast) was Dragon Age: Origins. I kinda like that when you accept/decline missions it affects your party's approval rating for you. Tho it is going to pose me problems as I try & keep everyone happy at once; I don't think that's actually possible. And I was particularly amused when threatening a priestess got me lots of approval from one of the characters (and what I wanted too). There's a bit more talk/politics/story than I usually go for in an rpg (think Diablo II for my favourite) but I'm enjoying it anyway :) There's a decent sense of humour to it all ;) And I've got Torchlight on the PC for a bit of hack'n'slash fun once I'm done with DA:O.

Wednesday night is TV night so no zombies for me. Mostly instituted coz otherwise we fill up the PVR with oodles of things that I thought I might watch later but then I never get round to it, not being generally a fan of the TV ;)

First up was the third episode of The Frankincense Trail, where she was visiting Egypt. We spent quite a bit of it saying "been there!" ;) Unlike the first two programmes we noticed more points where things had been simplified to the point of not being quite right, but I guess that's just coz we knew more about the subject - for the ancient bits anyway. Still an enjoyable & interesting programme. And then coz we were running quite late (relatively speaking) we watched the only half-hour programme on the box which was Britain from Above. Theoretically about "East Anglia" but in actual fact didn't come much further east than Cambridge. The basic premise was using aerial photos to look at how the land use has changed since the 1930s, and in the case of the bits of East Anglia they looked at it's gone from being VERY rural farmland with little fields and lots of small farms to being a few big farms and a LOT of towns/roads. It was just a shame we had slightly false expectations of what area it was covering, as it made it a little disappointing.
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