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Cat Tracks

Cat Tracks, originally uploaded by plingthepenguin.

Toby is not a fan of this snowy weather. He doesn't like change at the best of times, and this 'covering the world in white cold stuff' lark really doesn't appeal to him. I think over on the right of the picture are tracks from him slipping around a bit, and in the centre he's dug down to find out if the ground is still there underneath it all!

This photo was taken yesterday afternoon - we've had more snow since. Looking out the window when we were eating lunch today we reckoned there was at least 2 inches on top of the wheely bins (next to those tracks, in fact). And now it's snowing again, fairly enthusiastically. Unsurprisingly, we're not going to the cinema today - tho it's not just the weather, J's got a cold and feels like curling up in the warmth rather than braving the outside world.

Tags: cat, photo, snow
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