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Unexpected Thaw!

That's what bbc news seem to be calling it - "unexpected thaw". Despite it snowing(ish - mostly sleet) a lot of the day yesterday it was actually warming up, a lot of the snow melted and the road outside the house started to look like a road again. We popped out in the afternoon to clear the car off in case it thawed then froze solid overnight. Snow's melted even more tho - looks pretty miserable out there now, sleeting away and grey and melty snow.

J had been planning to go into work today (he worked at home Thurs & Fri last week) but he still feels like death warmed up from the cold he's got so he's working at home again for the morning at least. Unfortunately he didn't decide that till this morning so we didn't get the extra hour lie in that we normally do on WFH days.

Also played some Beatles Rockband with A&P yesterday, I think for the first time since we got our disc back after it got stuck in a dead PS3. Played through Rubber Soul - I do like the way they've done the dlc as whole albums.

And I spent a little bit of time typing up more of my diary from our Egypt holiday - we're still planning to put up a website for that with both our diaries & about a tenth of the pics we took (we took 2000 pictures!). But it's going slooooowly, and actually sorting out the pictures is a pretty daunting prospect - there are so many good ones, but very few people actually want to sit and look through that many pics. I was astonished that both my parents and J's family actually did sit through slideshows of the lot while we were visiting over xmas.

J found a whole bunch of interesting looking stuff on the telly, just by chance, yesterday too - so we now have loads of series set to record, things like Lost Kingdoms of Africa (which J watched while it recorded yesterday - I saw a little bit before zombie hunting, it looks good). I guess that's TV night sorted out for the next several months ;)
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