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Shopping! (But little purchasing!)

I braved the outside world again yesterday afternoon. The snow might be melting but the pavements between here & the start of the town centre were still pretty treacherous. And I'm not good at walking on snow/ice so I presumably provided entertainment for passersby as I gingerly made my way along the street ;) I didn't fall over! Though there were a couple of dodgy moments as I was walking round the outside of the park which required grabbing onto the railings. It would probably help if I had an actual sensible pair of shoes for such weather - the most sensible ones I could find still had no grips & a slight heel, however they were better than the flat shoes available (either too little shoe or not waterproof) and the heel is at least a broad heel not a pointy one. I looked at shoes briefly while I was in town, but it seems ladies don't walk outside? No grips on pretty much anything except the Cat (and similar) boots in Sole Trader, which then weren't in the sale. And it seems daft to buy an expensive pair of shoes for weather that's unlikely to be repeated soon ;) As soon as the snow is all gone I'm back to my shiny purple shoes! :)

Also stuck my nose into some clothes shops (well, while I was looking at shoes ...) and saw a cardigan in M&S that I quite liked but they didn't have the colour I wanted - I'd noticed before xmas there was a purple one in that style. Stopped me from the impulse purchase, then when I got home & looked online I'd decided I didn't really need it, so didn't buy it ;)

The actual reason I went into town was grocery shopping & I did accomplish that successfully - including the rice wine that was why I went to town rather than the co-op. Coming back up the road with two heavy shopping bags probably was as entertaining for people to watch as going into town had been, the shopping offset the fact that it's easier to walk up a slippy hill than down it...

No zombies last night, dunno why but no-one was around till late (well, I know in one case it was coz there was footy on the telly, but that doesn't account for everyone). So I played quakelive instead - even won a couple of games early in the evening, but when I went back later I joined a skill-up server coz I knew some of the people on it, so a bit further down the scoring there ;)
Tags: clothes, computer, games, l4d, ql, shoes, shopping, snow
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