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Having finished typing up my egypt holiday diary the other day I started on J's yesterday. It's kind of a weird thing typing up someone else's stuff - not just that sometimes I found his handwriting hard to read (odd in itself, it's fine to read normally but I guess I don't necessarily read every single word if I'm not transcribing it) but also coz my fingers seem to auto-complete phrases the way I'd've written them. And then I have to go back & delete a bunch and re-type it paying attention to what I'm doing this time ;) It's interesting reading it as I'm typing, tho :) We never write about quite the same things, so this is reminding me of other bits I'd forget if it was just my diary we had (or just memory). 2 days at a time is quite sufficient typing tho & I believe the entries get longer! I edited mine a bit as I went along - some phrasing, but mostly altering paragraph boundaries (it looks very different on screen than handwritten in a smallish book) - but I'm not doing that to J's, in fact I've finally found a use for google wave. So I'm typing it up, then cut'n'pasting into a wave, then hopefully J will get a chance to edit it, then I'll cut'n'paste it back into the html file & do the formatting.

After that I played Beatles: Rock Band for hours - playing bass parts, just working my way through them on quickplay. I've friended my old psn id, so I have my old scores to compete against & it was interesting to see that I've clearly got a lot better at playing the fake plastic guitar since September - I'd not played much bass since the first few weeks of owning the game, and there are some scores I just easily beat. And some I didn't ;)

And zombie hunting for after dinner \o/ Helm's Deep really is a silly map, but it makes for a good giggly warm-up game. We tried to find somewhere else to hold on it, but really there's just the one good spot if there's only 2 real people. There's another spot that might work with 4 people - 2 machine guns, at least one of the others with a sniper for the smokers. Might not though, sometimes the tanks dropped straight over the wall on top of us. It REALLY didn't work with 2 + bots tho. Played through City 17 again after that, once alt had arrived & been shown the silly map; still only 1 off at the end, but at least this time I didn't die because dnky incapped me at the end like Saturday night's game ;) Apparently the map is based on a half life 2 level, but as I've never played that game it kinda passed me by ;) Nice map tho. And maybe another time (when it's not right up at the end of the evening) we can try for 4 off (or all-real-people if we're less than 4, damn hard to keep a bot alive through the finale).
Tags: b:rb, computer, egypt, games, l4d, ps3
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