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Return of the Shiny Purple Shoes and an Imminent New Phone!

The snow had mostly gone by yesterday when I had to go out to do grocery shopping, so I didn't feel the need to wear my approximation of "sensible shoes" and put the shiny purple ones on again. This made me a happy Margaret :) Of course, there was some snow/ice left on the pavement down next to the park, but I could walk on the road round that bit & avoid it, so all was well. Nice to move at a sensible speed on my shopping trip, too, can't stand having to carefully pick my way across the ice.

J tried to ring me while I was out & his phone died, as it seems to have picked up a habit of doing - battery has about had it, we think. So I finally got round to sorting out an upgrade for my phone. That does make sense, really! ;) J's got a work phone & they've never replaced the handset for him in nearly 10 years, so what we do is I have a contract phone and theoretically get upgrades regularly & he gets my old handset each time. Neither of us give enough of a damn about phones to want the latest & greatest ooh-shiny one, so it works out well. I was kinda aware it'd been a while since my last upgrade - and I'd gone into the O2 shop sometime last year asking about an upgrade, but the shop lady told me I couldn't have the tarif I was on & the cheapest possible was more expensive. So as both our phones were still functional I only half-heartedly shopped around and didn't actually do anything about it. Given J's phone is getting towards unusable I figured I should do something about it now tho!

So, I looked online at the O2 page ... nice cheap tarif available (£10/mo, more minutes & texts than I can use in a year each month), ok so a 24 month lock in, but I've not been upgrading much more often than that anyway. So set the process in motion! Along the way I noticed that my previous contract had expired in June 07!! Which means the phone J's using must be about 5 years old ... guess that's why the battery is screwed up now ;) Hope my current handset lasts another 2 years, probably will, it's in a good state at the mo.

Part of why I was putting off getting an upgrade is that it means making a decision about a phone, there's too much choice & all I do is send texts (rarely) and make phone calls (even more rarely) so it all seems a little pointless, all these features I'll never use after I've poked at them the first day of having the phone. But I spotted one of the free options was a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and I remembered Phil raving about his Nokia 5800 on twitter ... so I went for that one. Seemed as good a way to make the choice as any ;) Only thing I double checked (fought my way through the nokia website to find, even!) was if it had GPS coz one of the other available nokias was promoted as having that and there's some map app & maybe that'd be useful sometimes in the car ... it does, apparently, so there's a "useful" feature that I'll probably never use to go along with the ones I think are useless out the box ;) I guess it'll play music for me? Given the name & all ;)

When it arrives I guess I'll have a day of "ooooooh shiny shiny toy" before it goes in my pocket to be forgotten about 90% of the time. I think I maybe fail at geek? ;)

The purple shoes are shinier.

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