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Finally actually got round to going to the cinema yesterday afternoon, like we'd planned to when it was all snowy (hmm, that almost makes it sound like I wanted to go - it might be better to say that J finally bribed me into accompanying him to the cinema, see later). So, off we went, queued in a long queue (but for a fairly short time) to buy tickets (ouch-expensive), then queued in a short queue (but for a long time) to buy popcorn (omg-how-much-expensive), and eventually made it into the cinema just before the start of all the crap they show before the film. There were apparently heating problems in the auditorium, but actually that made it a pleasant temperature rather than baking hot, so that was quite nice ;) The ads all seemed to be Message ads, and patronising as hell, tho that was much better than the trailers. As it was a 3D film we were going to watch, the trailers were for other 3D films ... starting with a trailer for Piranha 3D which seemed to have no redeeming features whatsoever! Then something else, then a trailer for an Alice in Wonderland film (not the original story?) which J liked and I was meh about but then my default reaction to films is meh unless persuaded otherwise ;)

(Same caveat as with the thoughts about books, this is hardly going to be a formal, properly phrased & well thought out review, more a selection of my rambling thoughts ;) And full of spoilery bits so read on at your own risk, hence the cut.)

We were there to see Avatar which I'd actually not heard much about (tho I normally pick things up about films through osmosis rather than seeking it out, so that's not that surprising), other than that it's the one with the blue people. It had me from "me, I'm just another dumb grunt sent somewhere he doesn't want to be" (paraphrased). But then I like milSF, which did mean I was rooting for the marines rather longer than I possibly should've been ;) I rather liked the senior military guy (whose name & rank I'm totally blanking on), I know he was the bad guy that had to be defeated (and how pointed that the sleazy corporate dude didn't really suffer the effects of what he set in motion - I mean, his career will be over, but he's alive, well & didn't dirty his hands with the truth of what he was doing; but the military man died for following his orders/honouring his contract). But despite that, he had an awesome combat suit thing & a badass attitude & I liked that :)

I thought the blue people (real name escaping me completely) were awesomely well done. At no point were they unbelievable - in fact the whole alien world and all the alien creatures were totally believable and, well, realistic is the wrong word as they were alien, but that's what I mean - they were there and didn't look like effects, looked like they were real things. I liked that everything was used more than just the once too - unlike the bit in the Star Trek film with the creatures which was just to showcase them then never again, these all came back at times and that helped make it feel real too. And those flying beasties (banshees?) were awesome, who wouldn't want one of them? It would make the trip up to J's folks so much easier, and you could rip up any traffic you might encounter ;)

I did quibble about the ex-marine who is theoretically on guard duty while the scientists take samples just wandering off going 'ooooh shiny shiny shiny' and at him having clearly not bothered to pay any attention to the threat briefings - he hadn't a clue about what the different dangerous beasties were or how to handle them, and there'd been so much ramming home early on that it was alien and dangerous so you'd've thought he'd've paid some attention ;) But then, he needed to do that to set up the story, and it did give us some neat fierce-animal chase scenes :)

I liked the way it was absolutely clear that the aliens were in the right here, and it gets you on their side even tho you can think of that as the "wrong" side - I mean in the climatic battle they're killing humans, our species. But it's the humans' fault and the humans are in the wrong. (Even if I was still going ooooh-combat-suits, I knew where my sympathies really lay.) And while the battle is won in the end, it's at a cost, it's not bloodless. Shame the pilot had to die, I liked her - another military person with attitude, but thankfully she was on the right side so I didn't have to be conflicted about that! :)

And my bribe for getting me to do something like go to the cinema (I don't enjoy the experience in itself & I'm very fussy about films - they don't have to be good, but they very much have to be my sort of thing) was to go to the pub afterwards :D So we had a couple of pints at the Dove, and then got Chinese takeaway on the way home :)
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