Margaret (pling) wrote,

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I had one of those days yesterday where nothing I could do was anything I wanted to do.

Faffed about most of the afternoon, then just as I had to do something about starting to make dinner, started to play some Lego Rockband, so that was all bitty & broken up by chores. Read some of my book later, but didn't wanna, played some quakelive, but my heart wasn't in it, read some more book, watched J's game, hunted some zombies. Nothing was quite satisfactory, even the l4d which I'd been wanting to play while I didn't have anyone to play with but wasn't quite the thing when I did get a chance.

Hopefully that's out of my system for another several months!

(Mood mostly coz I like the icon, but it does fit for yesterday ;) ).

Oh, and no more rabbit sightings, thankfully!
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