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Went shopping (had lunch in Vagabonds like normal) ... tried to buy J's birthday present but it wasn't out till today so couldn't do that - J'll just have to buy it himself later in the week (I can't get to HMV/anywhere that sells DVDs before Sunday) and I'll write him a cheque for the cost of it. I did get his birthday card :) And I got very sidetracked in WHSmiths coz they had a big display of Harry Potter related stuff, some of which was books by other authors of a vaguely similar nature. And they had several of the Diana Wynne Jones books :) I've not read 'The Lives of Christopher Chant' for ages and ages and ages so I started to read it and was about halfway through when J rang wondering where I'd got to. I'm gonna have to buy that I think, and her other books. They're kids books, but they're still good. The basic premise is that the universe has lots of alternate worlds formed by splitting off when important descisions/events could have happened in different ways. Basic quantum theory type stuff, but I don't think that's mentioned anywhere in the books. Our world is just one of a series of worlds where magic doesn't work (iirc - it's been a while) and I don't think it ever gets mentioned in the books. "The Lives of Christopher Chant" follows a kid called Christopher Chant (obviously) who seems to have quite a disfunctional family - one of the early scenes has Christopher wondering if he'd recognise his father in the street. He can visit the alternate worlds in his dreams and bring stuff back. When his uncle finds out about this he gets Christopher to bring things back as 'experiments', but there's something about this that doesn't seem quite legitamite - although Christopher doesn't realise it. It's a really good book, and I wanna buy it now :) Good to see her stuff being prominently displayed - she was one of my favourite authors as a kid.

This was a bit of a nothing day really - the highlight was seeing the ducklings I mentioned yesterday :) So cuuuute :)

Bah, an experiment didn't work - decided to abandon that approach coz it doens't seem to be generating results. Hopefully the other approach will. It left me at a bit of a loose end for the afternoon, so I went and looked at the Win98 machine that was refusing to see the network. Tried three network cards all of which autodetected and installed and gave no errors anywhere. One PCI, two ISA ... two known to work, one unknown ... only one worked. And we dunno why. It was the PCI one, so that might be it - but if the ISA slots are fucked (yes I tried it in more than one slot) why would it autodetect etc? Windows, eh? Unfortunately this is the card I was trying to replace in the first place as I think it's not 100% happy - the puter crashes lots, but it doesn't do it unless you're doing networky stuff. We'll have to see how it goes.

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