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24 January 2010 @ 01:25 pm
Lazy day :)  
Another lazy lazy Saturday - late start, followed by an afternoon of Lego Rockband. We went back & mopped up some of the 'special' gigs we'd missed out last time, then carried on from where we were. I'm actually finding I like the bass parts more on the whole & I certainly know them better now. Which is weird coz I think I've played more in my game with J (where I'm playing guitar) then in my own game, so you'd've thought it would be the same. The bass parts are easier mostly tho, so I probably like them more coz I get to listen a bit more to the rest of the song not flap around & concentrate so much ;)

Friday night's zombie hunting had been marred by connection troubles for me, including a bug(?) which meant I couldn't get back into the game one time, which really sucked - but thankfully everyone else was willing to come back out to a lobby & restart from where we were :) Escape From Toronto isn't a very difficult map, but it's a nice one to play even with my connection dropping all the damn time! Connection was still flaky all through Sat morning/early afternoon & eventually the router got stuck in a "can't connect" state, so I unplugged it for half an hour while we played L:RB and since plugging it back in the connection seems to've been rock solid again, so hopefully that's that problem over with *touch wood*.

Saturday night's zombie hunting was also fairly bitty, but for different reasons. Booted into windows to discover dnky in a random pub game playing city 17, still one space so I jumped into that. The other two guys really weren't much good, it was kinda funny in an 'aww bless' sort of way ;) When I jumped in the only live players were dnky & the bot I replaced ... I think it was just me & dnky that finished the 3rd & 4th levels & we'd joined during the 3rd level, so I've no idea how they'd got there ;) We didn't finish, despite a few goes at the finale - alt came online & we kinda bailed on the game. So then we played some survival - still working away at one of the Crash Course maps & this time we found somewhere that might well work with a bit more practice. We got just over 8mins on one go & I reckon if we'd had 4 real people that would've been 10 mins & a gold. Doable with 3 I think, particularly after a little less wine on my part ;)
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Current Music: Niyaz "Nine Heavens"