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More lazy!

Net conn doesn't seem to be totally sorted, still it's only dropped once since Saturday afternoon, which is livable with :) Really don't want this to turn out to be a persistent intermittent fault tho, I hate intermittent faults. Die or don't die, none of this pussyfooting around sort-of working ;)

Yesterday was much the same as Saturday - with the addition of a roast dinner :) Lego Rockband all afternoon, finally ran into some tracks we can't do... well, I'd already had problems with Kung Fu Fighting, but The Final Countdown was on a rock challenge and the twiddly bit was utterly beyond me & you can't just fail out there. So rather embarrassingly dropped it down to hard to get past that bit. There's a pretty big gulf between expert & hard tho, so it felt a bit easy on hard :/ Aliens Exist was J's nightmare track ... so there was a gig it offered up where you had to get 9 stars over 2 songs or no reward, and it was our two nightmares ... we bailed on that, maybe some other day after a bit of practice ;) Some of these are gonna be such a pig when they're in our Rockband 2 games (where the game mechanic is less forgiving of failure). Not that that matters till we get our disc back for that :/ Phone call to Sony later this week I think, it'll've been 6 weeks.

And zombiezombiezombies after dinner! Didn't beat our previous survival time, didn't even equal it. Still feels like the place to succeed from, tho. Just have to do it.
Tags: computer, games, l4d, l:rb, net conn, rb2
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