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Shoe woe!

My shiny purple shoes broke as I was walking through town yesterday :( Same way the previous pair had broken (tho the other shoe) - there's a fake button holding the strap on that's attached with elastic & the elastic snapped. Clarks were good about it tho, I just went in and they replaced the shoes. Well, the second shop did, the first one had none left in my size. So I now have the last pair of shiny purple shoes in a size 6 in Ipswich! Which is a little bit distressing, as I've no confidence that they won't break again :/ Ah well, I shall just have to get them fixed if they do. I do feel that a £50 pair of shoes should be better made, tho - if I didn't like them so much I'd've asked for money back rather than a new pair (well, maybe, I didn't have any other shoes with me).

On a more cheerful note - was Burns Night yesterday, so we had haggis for dinner :) I should probably go back to the shop I bought it from & see if they have any haggises left & freeze a couple, as we both like haggis & it's never there in the shops when it's not Burns Night. I should possibly buy sausages from the shop more often, too, as they do interesting ones (that's the point of the shop, really, sausages). Except J prefers plain sausages, so interesting ones isn't necessarily what we want.

And this entry brought to you through a come-on-caffeine-work-already state of tired-brain, due to next door's small child deciding to run about & shriek at midnight last night. Don't think next door were particularly pleased with him either, but my goodness the child has a healthy set of lungs ;)
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