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A pretty quiet day all in all, I managed to work out a menu for the next few days that meant I didn't have to go to town for any shopping just the co-op, so I didn't even have to spend long in the great outdoors ;)

Played a bit more lego rockband late afternoon - weird now we've got all the dlc in to be playing tracks I've played before but on bass so I've no idea what they're gonna do. And some l4d after dinner - working away at The Woods 2, which we'd played on Saturday but dropped down to advanced after a while. I'm left feeling somewhat better at my playing skills when trashed ;) We got further on expert on Sat with just me (drunk) and dnky than we did last night with me(sober)/dnky/alt/lili but then we had more time on Saturday & as we had 2 bots, most of the time, we had more health to ourselves & the bots are always good at being sacrificial bait ;) New project map, mebbe :)

And then a craptastic night's sleep, but not as bad as J's was. He came home with toothache - it's been playing up off & on for a few months, but never bad. (Backstory - he had a nasty tooth & gum infection in August complete with severe pain & two sorts of antibiotics to sort it out. This is in a similar place, so may be the same tooth :/) But yesterday it was bad enough for him to take painkillers & not sleep well. So he's off to the dentist today to see what they can do!
Tags: computer, games, j, l4d, l:rb, ps3, teeth
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